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Ministries Car park Project

Project data

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Construction of a comprehensive MULTI STORY CAR PARK FOR 4000 CARS to serve the Ministries Complex in an allocated site of 27,500m2,the project is located in Mirqap-Sharq, in the heart of Kuwait City.


The client was looking for solutions to be implemented in the construction process due to the variety of items that are to be casted. Thus, our ability to utilize various system and combine them to provide specially tailored solutions which perfectly matched their requirements.



Combined Group Company

Customer's benefit

Specially tailored solution by PERI not only provided ease in construction, moreover it enhanced the alternative systems and provided time saving /cost effective methods for overcoming any extension in the time or additional funds to be required. 

Suhail Skeik
Executive Vice President

PERI did not only provide sophisticated systems for casting the structural elements in the project, instead they were daily involved in the different issues that arised when it came to any concrete structure and how to overcomeany obstacles that could delay our scheduled program. Hence the engineering sense along with the excellent solutions/ system was a great success story throughout the project and we hope we continue with such professional / high level of engineering supplier. Thank you PERI.

PERI solution

TRIO panel system was utilized for casting columns accelerating the concrete cycle for the vertical elements and reduced it approximately 40% of the required time.

VARIO VT20 for core walls provided solutions for casting structure with height ranging 5 to 6 meters in a single cast safely and secured, plus solving complications with the provided angles in the structure.

Multiflex VARIO VT20 was used for casting of beams that later on will support the precast slabs providing a variety of compatible solutions for different sizes of beams.

RUNDFLEX/ TRIO: Implementation of TRIO panels along with the RUNDFLEX system for casting the circular structure, provided perfect solutions for achieving the final finish required by the client.

DUO panel system was utilized for casting the walls of the tunnel with a height ranging from 4 to 5.5m. Furthermore, with a slight slope in the structures ground level